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Wedding Receptions and Formal Events


Appleton’s prices for weddings and formal events range from $25 to $130 per person. These prices include all food, all service, linens, china, wedding cake, coffee service and all catering equipment


Tables, chairs, tents, dance floors or any ‘Special’ rentals will be quoted separately & itemized.


Most weddings fall between $50 and $80 per person. Make an appointment with us for an exact quote. It only takes 30 minutes and it will be well worth it. We will give you as much as possible and still stay under your budget. You can take our quote, go shop around, and you will see how much you get for your money with us!


Here is how it works.

The cost of your wedding comes from three main things.

1. Food

2. Labor

3. Catering Equipment




We do not itemize food, labor & buffet equipment because a change in one may change the other two. For example: carved roast beef requires heat lamps and an extra chef. Changing your menu to carved roast beef may increase your food, labor and equipment too. When caterers calculate their expenses they put their markup in one category or the other. Some caterers have higher food prices, some have higher labor prices. Then there are all the extras including vans, carts, dollies, food, beverage and ice bins, warming equipment, hand washing stations, server stands, trash cans, trash removal, and the list goes on and on. The bottom line is the bottom line. That is the only way to really compare. How good is the food, how good is the caterers reputation, how much is the bottom line.


So, we will guide you through your menu and show you which choices will make your final cost go up or down. Obviously, filet mignon and lobster costs more than chicken and pasta, but there are creative ways to have a large variety of foods on a very tight budget.


Labor can make a big difference. Butlered food and very formal, sit-down dinners will cost more than buffets. Buffet “stations” are also a nice choice.


If you choose foods which require extra labor and equipment, it can raise the total more than you think. Hot butlered hors d’ oeuvres are delicious, but they do require extra staff to make sure they are plated and served right from the oven. In some cases the actual oven needs to be rented - this can add up. If you are on a tight budget, our chilled appetizer tier is an excellent alternative. The tier is beautifully decorated, and loaded with fruits and cheeses, crab dip, shrimp and spinach dip, and much more. The same chefs that prepare your meal can set this table up before your guests arrive, then tend to dinner entrees. Additional chefs would not be needed – saving you money.


Appleton Catering does not buy or sell alcoholic beverages. All liquor is purchased by the client. We will provide all soft drinks, mixers, ice and service. The cost of liquor from your local outlet averages between $5 and $8 per guest (this is if you provide a basic bar with rum, vodka, gin and whiskey, a domestic and an imported beer, a red and a white wine.


For a written quote, call the office and make an appointment. We have a hall book with pictures and prices of dozens of halls in New Castle County. We can supply everything you need. If you don’t already have a DJ, limo or flowers, we can help.


Appleton’s Catering Office    302-992-0998


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